Monthly Archives: February 2017

It’s Nice Growing Old(er) Together



We have no idea how old we are!

We really don’t keep track of such trivial things,

Until my knee pops and I stretch it and then you yell, “Omaha!”

And, oh how we laugh.


Like the other night when we were reminiscing about how long we’ve known someone.

What age were we when we met them?

We both subtracted their current age from our current age and came up with 21 for you and 17 for me.

And we were like – what?

We weren’t even married then!

And, oh how we laughed.


I love running to greet you at the door when you come home from work.

Well, ok, we both know running is a stretch.

How about I love doing a short sprint to greet you at the door when you come home from work!


We’ve got so many memories together.

  • You proposing to me…twice!
  • Me saying yes both times.
  • Three yellow VW Beetles
  • The stainless steel bathroom on Nantucket, in winter!
  • Fish jumping
  • Napa Valley and our California adventures
  • The Lake House
  • When you surprised me with our fire pit
  • The many nights by our fire pit with each other and with friends


We met when you were 19 and I was 15, when there was no dating!

We started dating at 25 and 21.

We got married at 26 and 22.


It is nice growing old(er) with you.

It is secure.

It is happy.

And, oh how we laugh together, every…single…day


Our lives are full of love.

Love for God.

Love for our friends.

Love for one another.