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Guest Blogger … Our Summer

Guest Blogger … Our Summer

Well, our Summer has not been a fun one.  My darling little 2000 VW Beetle has been in the shop so many times.  With each repair, we think THAT’S GOT TO BE IT!  We think, okay, we’ll start to look for a replacement vehicle.  And, it seems that is not going to happen because the repairs keep coming faster and faster and we can’t seem to get ahead. So, now – as of this moment, we have her back from the shop and we are committed to paying off all these repairs and then looking for another car for me.  Sigh.  Can’t have a car payment and debt payment.
David recently wrote what I’m about to post here.  Guest blogger!  He’s a very smart guy, my friend, my husband!  But, for him to get to this place to actually talk about his feelings, well, it sums it up – this has been one doozey of a Summer!

“Are you a Waffle or are you a Pancake? Say what…?”

When it comes to life, emotions and such things, I often make the comparison between waffles and pancakes. I am a waffle. Delana is a pancake. Think about it. If you pour syrup onto a waffle, it can pool up in each individual square if you want it to and the syrup can stay neatly contained until you cut into it, or overfill the squares. Just like my emotions, I often compartmentalize.

With a pancake, on the other hand, the syrup spreads all over and there is no stopping it. This is Delana.

That is a way of describing how we live out our lives. Everything is affected here, because of there. Syrup = life. Waffle = compartments. Pancake = free flow surface. I compartmentalize and for Delana, it all runs together.

This summer has been a time where it appears waffles and pancakes have been served up every day.

Here’s just a brief run down of our events. Both vehicles in the shop with one still not correct and going back in. Costly in both dollars and emotions. TV got fried in a storm. Microwave died. Dehumidifier and basement fan both dead and we are now wondering about high moisture in the basement. To add a little fun to the mix, I even had a concussion and have been told I have pre-diabetes symptoms, due to the meds from my kidney transplant.

My waffle is now full of syrup and looks like tiny little pools of sticky but messy goodness. Thankfully, my foundation for life is so solid but I think I want an omelet for breakfast tomorrow instead!”

We’ve lived through kidney failure, and more and we’ll get through this!  God is good even in the midst of all this added pressure.  He is our Source!