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A Funny Story


fast car cartoon

I have the urge to write something besides a to-do list.  So, how about I tell you a story?  In my family, growing up, we were a family of four.  Dad was a school teacher and Mom stayed home with my sister and me.  Mom and Dad thought they could never have kids, so I suppose they just settled into their everyday lives thinking kids were not in the picture.  After they had their 18th wedding anniversary, they found out I was on the way.  Seriously, for David and me who were unable to have kids, I can only imagine the mixed emotions my parents must have had at this AMAZING news!  I was on the way!  Less than two years later, more news.  They were going to have another little girl! Oh the emotions.

Anyway, on with the story.  There are many I could share but I think I’ll tell you about the time Aunt Hazel drove us to school.

Since Dad taught school, he left before us.  And….here’s the key.  He came home AFTER us.  We were not at the same school as Dad, either. Can you see where I am going with this?  We could easily talk Mom into letting us stay home from school.  And we did…often!  Grade school, Jr. High, High School.  It really didn’t matter.  Mom really liked having us home with her and we loved not being at school.  Good thing we achieved good grades, easily!

Until that one day.

The day when Dad came home early! Cue ominous music.  We didn’t know that tidbit of news when we commenced the morning of great whining, which always resulted in a fun day at home with Mom, books, cartoons and pbj. Suddenly, our mornings of great whining came to a screeching halt!  I’m sure we were grounded. I don’t remember just how grounded.

Oh, so Aunt Hazel. How does she play into this?  Glad you asked.  My sister and I were in High School. Mom didn’t drive and we always had to take the school bus.  On this particular morning, there was no longer the potential for a Ferris Buehler type of day so we came up with another plan.  We were slow.  S-L-O-W.  S-L-OOOOOOOOO-W in getting ready for school.  So slow that we missed the bus.  Dang!  Guess we’ll have to stay home.

However, we had played mom one too many times and she must have remembered the after-math of our last “Ferris” day, because she had allowed us to stay home as healthy kids and not sick ones.  So, she called Aunt Hazel to come and take us to school.

Aunt Hazel was probably near 90.  She made a mean cherry pie; however, as a chauffeur she was not to be trusted.  She was a sturdy woman who drove an old car.  As my sister and I crawled in the backseat, we had no idea what a ride we were in for!  Aunt Hazel drove like a bat out of hell!  Wiz, bang, floor it Martha!  She drove really fast and she drove through red lights!  Terre Haute, Indiana is somewhat hilly in places and I swear we actually became air born at one point as she flew through the city streets.  My sister and I huddled in the backseat, holding on to one another praying for Divine protection from every Angel that God could spare!  I am not exaggerating for poetic license either.  This really did happen the way I am telling you!  Somehow, that cured us from our morning slowness!

Now, if only I could find that sort of motivation to get moving in the morning as an adult!  Coffee will have to do.