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Revisiting Dreams of the Heart


love peace hope dream

Why do you allude me so?

I catch glimpses of you,

Darting here and there.

I know you are out there,

Because I have seen you.

We have had moments where

We have walked,

Side by side.

You whisper to me to hold on.

To have hope.

To not give up.

But some days,

It is so hard.

I tell myself that you do exist,

But I have no guarantees that what I hope for,

Will actually come to pass in my life.

I am not in control of those decisions.

There are others who get to make those.

My role is to live my life,



Even though where I am is not where I want to be.

Where I am is good.

It is a place of growth, maturity and stability

But, it is truly not where I see myself with you.

And so,

I wait.

But waiting is not passive.

It is active.

I will take thoughts captive.

I will overcome sadness with joy.

Because You, My God, are really everything I need,

In the midst of my every-day every day.

And to you, Dream of My Heart,

Even though you allude me

I will still have hope that what I long for

Is true.