Monthly Archives: March 2015

Love is a Powerful Force!


Waves erosionI have had some interesting experiences lately.  These experiences have not been very pleasant.  However, they have been beneficial to show me areas of my heart that need to change.

Without over-sharing, let’s just say that when something rubs up against me that causes me to have my feathers ruffled, I have not handled that well.   Even in my venting, or obvious frustration I’m still pretty nice and most of this ruffling goes on in waves and waves on the inside of me.  We all know that waves pounding the land, in places it was not supposed to be, can be very destructive.

Was I “justified” in being ruffled over the things that happened?  Perhaps.  But I have no control over those situations or people.  What I do have is the power of choice over my response.  It seems so unfair to choose Love over anger.  But Love is the right choice.  Dang it!

Then, I think – they were harsh.  Or they demanding.  Or they were ….well, you get the idea.  What is the right choice?  Choose Love? Really?  Aw, come on!  Can’t I get angry?  Can’t I be justified in this?

What I am really angry about is that I was not _______.  I can fill in the blank with all sorts of words.  But in those moments, I am making it all about me.

In those moments when frustration and anger begin to consume me and turn into waves of destruction in my soul, I can at the very least, choose Love for myself!  In choosing Love for myself I am not letting those waves of bitterness pound my soul and erode my peace!  Then, eventually, something else begins to happen.  Grace begins to be my response instead of frustration!  Wow – how DID that happen?!?

Love is a powerful force!

If I cannot bring myself to Love someone else, in those moments of frustration, I can choose Love for myself and let Love heal me.  More Love = less internal stress!  I can’t fix anyone else but I can respond better.

Don’t Stop Believin’!


Recently, I was spending time with some dear friends and we chatted about life over salsa and margaritas.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

For one friend, a dream was coming true.  For another, true confessions of living in the state of hope deferred which really does make one’s heart sick.  And for me, living in the in balance of waiting for a dream to be fulfilled and the possibility that this may not happen.  For two of us, the tension of the now and not yet.

Which led us to the encouraging words of Journey from 1981….just a phrase but it was enough to encourage us. “Don’t stop believin’…Hold on to that feelin’…”

But it also led me to think about that tension.  God is good and amazingly kind.  I believe that He does place desires in our heart that He will bring about, in His timing. We partner with Him when we see an opportunity but also realize that those times are few.  When you are either in the hope deferred stage or in the in between stage, hoping that the time is NOW to fulfill that dream – how do you carry on?

Questions stir up in our souls, like dust in the wind.

“Am I making this up?”

“Am I delusional?” Don’t answer that one.  Ever!

“If God put this in my heart, intentionally, then where is the glimmer of this being a reality – ever?”

“Where is the sign on the horizon that says this dream is down this path? Am I even on the right path at all?”

Those are unanswered questions that we all wrestle with.  It doesn’t matter what the dream is, the questions are the same.

So, in the tension of the now and the not yet – we wait. We pray. We worship. We trust. We remain fluid and flexible in the everyday every day mundaneness that can be our life, at times.  We find joy, service, community and more in each day. And we trust in the One True God, Maker of Heaven and Earth!  The One who loves us the most and is so close in our moments of doubt.  He is really all we need in the waiting, and in life, anyway!