Monthly Archives: December 2014





As I look back on my year, and my blog posts, I am overjoyed with how much I’ve changed!  Little by little, God has been healing me and I’m not as fearful as I was.  I look back at my old self and think, ‘Why were you so afraid of so many people and things?’  “Well, old self,” I reply, “Remember how many people and situations caused you pain?  You thought it was easier to self-protect.  But what you did was really wall off your heart.”  And, then I remember the pain and the situations and, how over time, the walls of my heart are coming down.  This truth fuels my rejoicing.

As 2014 comes to a close, I am thankful for so much:

  • My amazing husband of 32.5 years – David YB Normal Bradbury
  • Our Vineyard Church that has loved me into wholeness
  • The dream I held in my heart since 1999 – working with Byron came true this year. There’s more of that dream to unfold in 2015 but, oh, such rejoicing at what I have been invited in to!
  • I get to oversee an incredible ministry at the Vineyard called Sozo and interact with such beautiful people – both on our Sozo Teams and those who come for ministry. I see the wisdom and kindness of those I serve with and the tenderness of God the Father as He heals people!
  • Great health for the both of us
  • David’s kidney is 14 years old and is very healthy!
  • My journey into health this year
  • A good job at The Salvation Army
  • Our super cute little bungalow
  • Honest relationships that sharpen me and invite me to step up – and into more
  • Sweet neighbors in our hood
  • Kingdom friendships around the globe
  • My old yellow VW Beetle, still going strong after 14 years
  • The ability to dream…again
  • And, of course, the extravagant love of My Jesus who loves me!!!!

Dreams for 2015…???