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Such a Contemplate…


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There are times of contentment and there are times of longing.  Right now, I am in a time of longing.  Maybe you are too.  Are you longing for a job, a spouse, a baby, a move?  A shift of any sort?  Seasons come and seasons go.  The trick is to stay present in each one.

So, these words came out of my heart.  Thought I’d put them here.

Why do you allude me so?

I catch glimpses of you,

Darting here and there.

I know you are out there,

Because I have seen you.

We have had moments where

We have walked,

Side by side

And you whisper to me,

Hold on.

Have hope.

Don’t give up.

But some days,

It is so hard.

I tell myself that you do exist,

Although, I have no guarantees that what I hope for,

Will actually come to pass in my life.

I am not in control of those decisions.

There are others who get to make those.

My role is to live my life,



Even though where I am is not where I want to be.

Where I am is good.

It is a place of growth, maturity and stability

But, it is truly not where I see myself with you.

And so,

I wait.

But waiting is not passive.

It is active.

I will take thoughts captive.

I will overcome negative emotions with joy.

Because You, My God, are really everything I need,

And You are my Joy,

In the midst of my every-day every day.

And to you, Dream of My Heart,

Even though you allude me

I will rejoice in the One who holds my heart.




This week, David and I will celebrate 32 years of marriage!  That’s a long time!  That is longer than many of our friends have been living.  I was thinking of what I could write about.  I came up with fun facts about D&D.

  • The first time we met, I was 15 and David was 19.  Therefore, there was NO dating!  We just became good friends.
  • I would go to the Mall with my Dad, and I’d often see David there.  Does that mean we were “cool” back in the day if we hung out at the Mall?  Probably not, since my Dad had to drive me.
  • We lost track of one another when I was in High School.
  • I started attending a new church when I was 20 years old.  That’s when I saw David, again.  Suddenly, a 4 year age span was not an issue!
  • I knew he was an avid bike rider, so I asked him to come over and fix my bike.  It was my only form of transportation, besides my feet.  Honest request, btw.
  • He came over the next night. We talked for hours.  I noticed he wasn’t make any moves, of any kind.  Nice.  Not even to fix my bike.  Suddenly, I didn’t care, because, that would mean he would have to come back.
  • Inside his head, he was thinking – ‘If I don’t fix her bike, I’ll have to come back’.
  • We were brilliant, in our passive-aggressive way.
  • He didn’t fix my bike until after we were married!  True story.
  • We started dating in 1981, but we broke up all the time.
  • We obviously had things to work through.  Glad we worked through them then, and not after we got married!
  • I was skinny then, because A) I was young. B) I cried all the time. Also because I didn’t know how to cook! (Future blog post)
  • Now, I am A) not as young as I used to be and B) VERY happy.  And, I have turned into an excellent cook.
  • We got married on July 3, 1982 so that we could always have a day off to be together – July 4.
  • I received my Daddy’s blessing right before our wedding, even though he passed away before David and I started dating.  (Blog post for sure, someday!)
  • We’ve owned 3 yellow VW bug cars. One of them we won in 1994.
  • We’ve only lived in 2 cities but our hearts have taken residence in many other cities.  Yes, I left my heart in San Francisco, Vacaville, Redding, Napa, Sonoma and Santa Barbara.
  • After all these years we still laugh together.
  • A lot.
  • Oh, at our 25th Anniversary, David said that the next 25 were going to be all about him.
  • He reminds me of that.
  • Often.
  • Married life hasn’t always been easy.
  • But it has always been worth it!

Here’s to another 32, David YB Normal Bradbury!