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My husband, David, is a quiet man full of wisdom and insight.  If you have the privilege of knowing him, then you have seen this attribute.  I can talk all day long.  Wisdom is mixed with many other words that may, or may not matter.  David, however, chooses his words wisely.  His words have weight.

Last night we had one of those treasured conversations.  He was talking about how we make life so hard.  We love God so much that we don’t want to get it wrong.  Therefore, we often don’t do anything.  We don’t step out because we fear we’ll make the wrong decision or end up on the wrong path.  So we stand frozen, with hearts full of love for God and that want to partner with Him.  But, we are not moving.  Our feet are glued to the pavement with worry, fear, and an endless amount of ‘what ifs’.

In his wisdom, David went on to say we have the benefit of Scripture to see what the Disciples did.  We can look at their lives and see how they got it right.  Doesn’t it just seem like they knew what they were doing?  When we read Scripture, we know what happens and we talked about how we read those stories with the end in mind.  Like – they knew this or that would happen as they did ______.

Then the lie is —  shouldn’t we know like they did?

Here is where David’s wisdom came rushing in the room and flipped on the bright light!  He said the Disciples didn’t always know what God wanted from them.  They just lived their lives and then….that is what was so beautifully recorded in Scripture!

Did you get it?

Was that truth an ah-ha moment for you as it was for me?

Of course, sometimes, they did know what to do or where to go.  But other times, they just lived out their faith in their everyday life.  In Acts 3, Peter and John were on their way to the Temple to go pray.  That day may have been the same as every other day.  They went to the Temple to pray at 3pm.  Acts 3:1, “One day Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer—at three in the afternoon.”

We focus on what happened next.  They saw the crippled beggar and they spoke to him and God healed him.  We think – hey – that’s neat!

That was one glorious day!  What about all the other days when they walked to the Temple to go pray at 3 in the afternoon?  Did miracles occur on other days?  Maybe?  I am not a scholar, so I don’t know.

Peter’s shadow fell on people and they got healed.  But …. Wasn’t he just walking?

That’s a word for us, today!  Sometimes, we get those moments where we know what the Lord wants from us and for us.  We get excited with that insight and direction.  However, when we do not have those specific insights, our (MY) fears rise up to speak lies of you’ve got it wrong, you are wrong, you will be wrong, you must be wrong.

The freedom that came from David’s words last night was this:

Live your life.

     Do what is in front of you. 

          Do it well. 

               Love purely. 


     See others. 

          See God. 

               Live your life with joy.

                    Even in the everydayness that often accompanies your life. 

Perhaps that is part of the mystery.  In our basic, simple, often clueless lives – God shows up!  Like the Disciples.  They lived out their faith-filled lives with epic failures but God still showed up!

As David said, we have a green light.  It’s all good. Just live your life, steeped in the love of God and let God move in and through your glorious mess, which really isn’t a mess at all.  We’re just too close to the pattern to see the beauty of what God is creating in and through us.

We sat, together, in awe of this simplicity.  The power of living a faith-filled everyday life with the love of God flowing in and through us in the everyday every day of how we live.

A Lightbulb Moment!