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Pursue Healing!



I was reading in Acts the other night and this thread began to emerge regarding healing. In these passages it speaks of physical healing. However, it got me to pondering the reality of the ripple effects of inner healing. That’s where my greatest needs are and it is the ministry that I work in. I am part of the Sozo Ministry Team at my church. SOZO is the Greek word translated “saved, healed, delivered.” Sozo ministry is a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry aimed to get to the root of things hindering your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection, you can walk in the destiny to which you have been called.

So this passage got me to thinking (see last blog post) about the impact that inner healing can have on countless lives. Not just ours!

Let me set the stage. This is my paraphrase version. Please do go read it in Acts chapters 1 through 4. It’s fascinating.

Jesus had already been crucified and the Disciples had actually seen Him in His resurrected form. They had to have gone from complete and utter despair to ridiculous life-changing joy and truth. Jesus did not die after all, as they themselves witnessed but He rose again – which He promised. They just didn’t have had any understanding of where to put those statements before the Cross.

Jesus spent time with them over a period of 40 days before he went back to Heaven, promising to come back again.

In Acts 3, Peter and John were going to the Temple to pray at 3pm, as they did every day. A man, who was lame from birth, was brought to the temple gate to beg for money. That was his lifestyle and his job. The passage says, “He was put there every day to beg from those going into the temple courts.” He was PUT there.  He couldn’t do this himself and he apparently had no other recourse.

He saw Peter and John and asked them for money. Many of us are probably familiar with their response, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”

They helped the man up and it says INSTANTLY (Acts 3:7) the man’s feet and ankles became strong and he jumped and then began to walk! The dude had been lame for 40 years (Acts 4:21), since birth!

Because of this miracle, Peter gives this rousing talk in which approximately 2,000 men gave their hearts to Christ for Salvation. Imagine a crowd that had to be more than 2,000 people. Not everyone would respond favorably. But Scripture says that the number of those who believed grew to about 5,000.  In Acts 2, an initial 3,000 people gave their hearts to the Lord.  I did the math.

It says men heard this message and responded by giving their hearts to Jesus.  Everyone knew that Jesus had been crucified. If it is men only, as the passage says, because of being in the temple courts, that would change the lives of 1,000’s more people as those men went home to their wives and children and told them what happened!

One man’s healing was the catalyst for at least 2,000 people coming to Christ.

Pursue healing.

I know that as I have experienced my own inner healing over the last two years, many others have been affected by my healing. Prior to reading this passage, I didn’t really think about the ripple effects of my inner healing. But, it’s true!

Pursue healing.

My inner healing is coming in waves but when it does, it gives me courage to:

  • Be visible
    • Use my voice
      • Listen to others
        • Care
          • Be present in the moment
            • Stand strong
              • Have hope

When I step in to my identity, others are affected simply because that’s how the Kingdom works. We really do need each other. I need you to be who you were meant to be and you need me to walk in who I am meant to be.

Oh, the name of the gate where this healing took place is “Beautiful”. Isn’t that beautiful?! I believe it is part of God’s love for us to offer us Himself so that our inner healing can begin. He looks inside our broken hearts and speaks healing to our spirits. Our mind is renewed and it is His desire to see us respond just like the healed man did at the Gate Beautiful. He instantly felt the change and he jumped up and began walking!

I confess that when I noticed my spirit getting healed, I didn’t respond that way. I didn’t instantly jump for joy and begin walking in my healed self. I sat back on the ground, so to speak, and stayed afraid. Why? Because I had years of being used to being afraid and of hiding.   God graciously continues to heal me. But, more than that, I think it is me getting to know Him in a deeper way where I trust Him with those broken places and I exchange them for His hand and He helps me up. Every time!

Pursue healing. It’s a beautiful thing.


To Think…. to imagine or understand something or the possibility of something. But to dream?


I really like to think.  I can be rightfully accused of overthinking many things.  All through school, I was told that I made things too hard for myself.  Just do it this way…but….in my head, I’d be asking why?  Why this way? 

I can also remember, that as a little girl, I would lie (or is it lay?) in the back yard and spend a lot of time looking up at the sky, thinking.  The thought I remember the most was, “If God made everything, then who made God?”  Did you ever ask yourself that? 

 Now, many years later, I still love to think and ask God questions.  I looked up THINK in the dictionary.  One of the definitions is:  to imagine or understand something or the possibility of something.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  To imagine or understand something or the possibility of something.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk in my circle of friends about dreaming big.  Well, thinking I knew how to do but imagine my surprise when I realized that I had forgotten how to dream!  There are lots of reasons for this sad truth that I won’t go into on the worldwide web.  Let’s just leave it at this – I stopped dreaming because of fear.

For heaven’s sake I started this blog two years ago because I realized how much fear had overtaken my life.  So much healing has happened since I began this journey.  And, just like my loving Father God, He stirs my heart to want more and then He continues to show me areas where healing is neeImageded and gives me courage to move forward.

He could heal me with a thought, but instead He invites me to partner with Him in the healing that I so desperately want.  To partner with Him, for me – means, stepping out and trusting.  In the area of dreaming, it means to go beyond thinking and cross over into dreaming.  For me to dream again, means I must dismantle self-protective barriers that I had erected and begin to hope and feel.  I don’t put my hope in my dream.  That’s false hope.  I put my hope in the One who maybe, just maybe, gave me that dream. 

Psalm 37:4 in the Amplified Bible says it this way, “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart.”  What if those dreams and desires in my heart were from Him to start with?  When I become more consumed with Him and not the ‘thing’ then I begin to live my life with the One that matters most. 

I’ve had one dream, and only one, since 1999.  Wow, what a big dreamer – right?!?  Like the Scripture says, it really was a secret petition of my heart!  This dream was so impossible that in the natural, there was simply no way I could make it happen.  It was beyond me in every way.  So, I prayed and just lived my life.  If God was the One who put that dream in my heart, as in Psalm 37:4, then as I delighted in Him, it was up to Him to make it happen.  I actually learned to rest in that truth through all the ups and downs that came with the waiting. 

Now, 15 years later, I am actually living in that dream.  It isn’t fully here, but I am in it! 


But, I had only one dream.  While I could feel smug about my one dream coming true, instead, I am painfully aware that I have allowed other dreams to be silenced because of fear. 

So, now I am combining thinking with dreaming and the possibilities are endless!

It’s not up to me anyway.  I just trust, partner and live my life without my self-protective barriers.

PS…if you would like to read a great book on resurrecting your own dreams, my friend Byron Easterling wrote a book about this very subject.  It is called, “Dream Big Dream Often” and can be purchased on Graham Cooke’s site:   And, I guess I’ll just tell you that my 15 year old dream is actually working with Byron.  Check out his website at to see part of my dream coming true!