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autumn path

I love Autumn!   It’s time for pumpkin spice lattes, apple anything, having the windows open and the continued joy of still wearing my flipflops!

The Fall just seems to bring a sense of hopeful anticipation every year.  The fun of summer ends, as our routines take on a more ‘normal’ rhythm, again.  But, hope and expectancy always seem to come around more, in the Fall.

Leaves morph into exquisite colors.   The leaves haven’t changed yet, but they will.  And soon.  I can come home from work, and even after an intense day of personalities and tasks, taking the slow way home –  my commute is only 10 minutes –  I can get refreshed just by the glory of the leaves on the trees.  Windows down, various tunes playing, kids smacking one another as they yell SLUG BUG YELLOW!  It’s all good.

But the Fall also brings with it a spiritual excitement.  We, in the church, seem to ramp up with programs and classes in the Fall.  We all do it.  However, this year, I as I have lots of fun things to step into, I am seeing things differently.

This year, as classes, programs, etc. start afresh, they are not just things to do.  They are opportunities for lives to be changed.  For people, myself included, to walk into more and more healing that our loving Father offers.  He can intervene in our lives at any given moment, but often He invites us into an intentionality and into community to find our healing and joy.

Nothing can come near to the joy of old friends.  Deep relationships exist in my heart over time, and distance.  Friends I just came to know two years ago are much deeper in my heart than they were last September.  I am looking forward to the friends that I made this year and seeing what will transpire over the course of this year of community.

What will the Lord do in all of our lives – TOGETHER?

It’s not about what church we attend.  We do lots of things with our friends, some who have a church family in other places and some who don’t.  The point is, we really do need each other.  It’s about community, friends and being together in life.

Here’s to a great new season!