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To My 22 Year Old Self, I Would Say…



David and I will be celebrating 31 years of marriage in July!!!  We got married on July 3, 1982.  We chose that date strategically.  We knew that we’d always have the 4th of July off of work to celebrate together!  We truly are one another’s best friend.  We have laughed together at least once a day for over 31 years.  We can go for hours without saying a word and be okay with that.  You are probably thinking that’s easier for David than for me.  It is!  But still, I can be quiet.  We can just BE, together.   We got married when I was 22.  I was just a wee babe. 

If I could go back and have a conversation with my 22-year-old self, I would tell her:


Take time to figure out who you are. 

Which means, stop trying to be what you think others expect.

Don’t let anyone change the truth you discover about yourself.

Then, be you.


Embrace your strengths.

View your weaknesses as opportunities for upgrades – they do turn into strengths. 


You’ll never get a handle on trying to keep your life ordered and in control, so stop trying.  You will see that the Father is the only One who can order your steps.  The sooner you get this, the better.

Jesus is a lot more fun that you give Him credit for.  But, you’ll figure this out, too.

Oh, and the Holy Spirit is more than a bird.

That passion you have, for the Kingdom of God, is real.  It is not something you’ve made up.  It is an invitation to explore and enjoy. 

It’s going to be okay that you and David don’t have kids.  You will be amazing parents to so many for the sake of the Kingdom. That won’t ever end.

You have a vast inheritance that you can give away!

You are going to love your life!