Monthly Archives: February 2013

Wide Open Spaces


I have found that I really love writing.  It has been so good to explore my thoughts in this way.  It’s so safe.  Just a computer screen that seems to accept whatever I say, no questions asked.  I have no idea who you people are that read this, or if anyone reads it.   How nice …. and safe.

Now, I am invited in to another season of growth which requires great strength, and to be honest, effort.  I’ve been invited to teach.  That means my safe computer screen will be replaced with people!  *GULP*  But, I am willing to give it a whirl.

This speaks to the vast amount of healing the Lord has done in my heart!  God I know and trust.  It has been people who caused the ‘problem’.  How many times have we said, or heard, if it wasn’t for people, life would be great.

I’ve lived in this self-protective cave.  It’s been nice there.  I’ve got my rocks all arranged, even painted.  A couple of nicely placed fires to keep us warm and cozy.

But over the last 18 months, I’ve heard people outside the entrance to  my cave.  There was laughter and the sound of true friendship coming from those strangers who had the audacity to party outside my cave!

SILENCE!  Don’t you know I like my solitude?

But it didn’t matter how much I shouted that from inside my cave I was still drawn to them.  Their joy and their comradery.  I found that I longed for what they had with each other.  But was I willing to risk being known?

Somehow, I find that I have left my cave behind in exchange for wide open spaces, friends, risk and laughter.  I’ve only got 2 teaching gigs on my horizon.  I am trying to embrace the opportunity and not wish them to be over before they begin.  *sigh* honest confession!

So, I’ll leave you with this poem.  Another risk, quite frankly.  I wrote this during a prayer time I had recently.  I was SO excited to be in the prayer room at our church.  We’re having 50 days of 24/7 prayer.  Finally, it was my turn to get a coveted hour of prayer.  As an intercessor, who loves her cave, it was a highly anticipated time!

My poem sums up my experience and my heart.  Looks like it is time to soar.


Anticipation and excitement yield to reverence

Reverence for the One who is Love Itself

The Creator of the Universe is here

With me

Right now

In this moment

Encircling me


Stopping to envelop me until there is nothing left but His very Presence

Consume me

Let me soar with You

No barriers!

No limits!

No tethers!

Only freedom

And Love

Your great love