Monthly Archives: October 2012




I have issued an invitation to you to come up higher.  At first, you were hesitant, but you came!  Slowly at first, but you continued on.  You were determined to make it up those stairs.  You needed to take big steps, but you did it.  You have grown stronger because of all the climbing.  Now you can run down and run back up. 


But look up.  I am still calling you higher.  Do not look down and be scared.  Look up and see Me.  As you look up, the steps look narrow but they are really quite spacious. 


In your journey, I have designed that you will reach plateaus.  There you will find others who are on a quest, as you are.  When you find yourself on a plateau, do not be discouraged.  Instead, look around and enjoy times of being with others.  It will be easy to think that you are not doing enough because you are not climbing.  However, during those times of plateau-ing, I want you to interact with others and rest.  Climbing is a discipline that is more personal and intimate between you and Me.  Replace your thinking about plateaus.


I enjoy our times of climbing together.  I love it when I run ahead of you.  It is somewhat funny to Me that you think I have left you behind.  I would never do that.  How could I leave My own heart behind?  I’m simply inviting you to follow Me, again.  It is an invitation to walk where I have called you to walk.  I have already gone up before you and I know you can do this.  Beloved, know that I have already made a path for you.  Trust Me in this.


When you come to a plateau, do not feel that you have missed something.  Plateaus are not to be times of doing but of being.  They are My design for times of refreshment.  Drink deeply on the plateau.  Look around and see who I have placed around you.  Share the treasures you picked up on your journey with others and receive the treasures that others want to share with you. 


Interact together.  Enjoy!  Laugh!  Learn from one another, as I have brought you all here together in that moment.  Each of you has had a different journey with Me to get to this point.  Look around.  I am in your midst.  Enjoy Me, together.  You will need the treasures you gave each other when you resume your journeys.


You will know when it is time to climb again.  You will hear Me call you and you have the freedom to come later if you want.  However, I will still beckon you. 


Eventually, you will grow tired of the plateau that had brought you so much refreshment.  When you recognize the stirrings of discontent, do not get frustrated.  Instead, begin to climb again.  That is counter-intuitive.  Your initial thought will be to descend the steps to go back in to the familiar, or to stay where you are.  You have all freedom, My Love.  Nevertheless, I desire your company up on the heights.  Pick up your new treasures and come up higher with Me.