It’s Tuesday


That certainly isn’t a very exciting way to start my blog post.  It’s Tuesday.  Whoopteedoo

However, the really good part about this day is the fact that I do not have to go anywhere tonight.

We are quite the social butterflies these days.  And I love that!  I love our friends and the responsibilities that we’ve grown in to.  But tonight is a gift.  I am home.  Alone.  David has a meeting this evening.  I’m usually the one out to dinner, or coffee or in a meeting.

Last night, Les Coombs from Bethel was in town.  That was a fun, fun meeting.  But we got home about 11:30pm.  This morning, I declared the following:  “I am no longer nocturnal.”

So, tonight, it’s just past 7pm and I’m already in my jammies!

I am not going to clean our house.

I am not going to do laundry.

I think I will read a book and have a glass of wine.

Therefore, the possibility remains that I will be asleep by 7:41pm!


About delanab2012

I am joyful, creative, and fun. I am also serious, pensive and contemplative. I'm what you call one of those outgoing introverts. I have a genuine extroverty side but also need my introverty alone time to regroup. What's that new term? Oh yeah, ambiverts. That's a good description of me I love deeply. My best friend, is my husband David, whom I love with every fiber of my being. Friendships are very important to me. Each friend is a multifaceted treasure. I love the Kingdom of God and my Jesus, therefore, life is full of hope, joy and promise!

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