An Opportunity for Expansion


Remember that one day arts workshop I went to a few weeks ago?  You know, the one that catapulted me into my healing?  Well, our friend Scott,  is having an arts conference at our church and bringing in some really amazing people to speak at this event.

Now, I can’t guarantee that you will be involved in your very own Silly Walk, but I can guarantee you will be blessed, encouraged, motivated, if you come.

Speakers include:  Rory Noland, director of Heart of the Artist Ministries, our friend Scott McElroy, author, conference speaker and founder of The New Renaissance Arts Movement, Theresa Dedmon, out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA – and many more. Really, the line up is pretty amazing.

This conference runs Friday, June 15 – Sunday morning, June 17.  Please follow the link to learn more about this opportunity.  If you register within the next week, you can get the Early Bird rate!

Hope to see you there!



About delanab2012

I am joyful, creative, and fun. I am also serious, pensive and contemplative. I'm what you call one of those outgoing introverts. I have a genuine extroverty side but also need my introverty alone time to regroup. What's that new term? Oh yeah, ambiverts. That's a good description of me I love deeply. My best friend, is my husband David, whom I love with every fiber of my being. Friendships are very important to me. Each friend is a multifaceted treasure. I love the Kingdom of God and my Jesus, therefore, life is full of hope, joy and promise!

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