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The Beauty of the Kaleidoscope



Inside a kaleidoscope are many beautiful pieces of glass that make up an endless variety of unbelievable color patterns when the scope is turned and the pieces fall into the light.  With each turn of the Kaleidoscope, a new design is created. When it stops, the design is complete – for a while.

Each piece brings beauty and richness to the design. They are different shapes and colors. However, not all the pieces make it into the design every time.  There are other pieces waiting inside for their turn to shine in the light.  All this makes up the magnificence of the kaleidoscope!

Doesn’t that sound like life?  I think we are like those pieces of glass that make up the grand design of life.  I believe that God, in His infinite love and wisdom, causes us to shine, as His light shines through us.  Just like in a Kaleidoscope.  Whether you are in the busyness of life, or find yourself in the mundane of every day, you still catch the Lord’s eye and His light shines through you!

Sometimes we find ourselves waiting to utilize the full potential that we know we carry deep within us.  It appears as if we have tumbled down into the darkness of the Kaleidoscope and we fear we will never have our moment in the light, again or ever.

What season are you in?  Are you in a time where you realize the joy of where you are?  Or, are you waiting for the moment when your design becomes visible?

I think we really are just like those pieces of glass.  They are different sizes and colors, yet they are all part of the design when the Kaleidoscope turns. Some pieces stay in the light longer than others, but I have learned that it is not a worrisome thing to tumble out of the design, as all pieces – all of us –  need seasons of rest, development and waiting.  There is an ebb and flow to our lives.

No mater where you are this moment, the Lord sees you and declares that you are a magnificent creation of His handiwork!   He smiles when He sees you and His heart fills up with unconditional and eternal love.  His light shines through you, for you are beautiful and bring forth depth and richness when His light shines through you!  Even in the waiting, you shine brilliantly!



Today, I am happy. It is Friday.  We have no plans for the weekend.  We both need a time of sacred space to enjoy some much needed down time, together.


The weather is perfect.  My allergies are not acting up and I’ve got the ceiling fans on, along with the windows open.  Part of my happiness is the fact that I have a vacation coming up.  It has been a year since we’ve seen our beloved friends.  That is far too long when your hearts are entwined.

Unfortunately, my husband, David is not able to come with me on this trip.  I’ve not taken a trip, by myself….ever!  I have taken trips with girlfriends, but to travel somewhere on my own is new.  Once I get to my destination, my friends have planned a great week for me.  It’s just the getting there part that is a new adventure for me.

As I look back on the last several months, I see lots of new adventures we’ve embarked on together.  It’s really been a good several months for us.  What a welcome relief!  Much of 2011 was challenging.  2012 is much more pleasant.

Today, I am happy.  We have been blessed with a continual stream of lovely new friends.  Since I am a relational person, this makes me very happy.  We have amazing old friends, too!  Staying in contact with them and learning the new, I wonder if my heart can expand any more than it already has.

Friends are such treasures.  If you are reading this, then you are most likely, one of my treasures!  Thank you.

So, today, I am enjoying my happiness. 

An Opportunity for Expansion


Remember that one day arts workshop I went to a few weeks ago?  You know, the one that catapulted me into my healing?  Well, our friend Scott,  is having an arts conference at our church and bringing in some really amazing people to speak at this event.

Now, I can’t guarantee that you will be involved in your very own Silly Walk, but I can guarantee you will be blessed, encouraged, motivated, if you come.

Speakers include:  Rory Noland, director of Heart of the Artist Ministries, our friend Scott McElroy, author, conference speaker and founder of The New Renaissance Arts Movement, Theresa Dedmon, out of Bethel Church in Redding, CA – and many more. Really, the line up is pretty amazing.

This conference runs Friday, June 15 – Sunday morning, June 17.  Please follow the link to learn more about this opportunity.  If you register within the next week, you can get the Early Bird rate!

Hope to see you there!




I’ve never thought of myself as poetic.  However, during this season, I’m discovering a lot of things about myself as the Lord works within me.

I’m going all out here and sharing the two poems I wrote recently.  The first one was written the day of the Silly Walk Meltdown.  The second poem was written a week later, during our women’s conference.


I remember when I was oblivious to what others thought of me.
When I was unhindered.
I remember being unafraid.
But time, circumstances and situations had a way of changing me into one who toned it down.
I became one who played it safe.
Some would say that is growing up, but what if that’s something other than maturity?
What if that is captivity?
What if I dare to explore who the Father says I am and live accordingly?
Unafraid, again, but this time confident in my Father’s love and my reputation in His eyes?
What does wholly redeemed look like?
Holy and wholly free?


Suddenly, there was the sound of breaking glass.

Shards of glass became airborne projectiles.

Sharp, precise weapons that hit their targets.

Fear – penetrated.

Insecurity – impaled.

Hesitancy hesitated and was pinned to the ground. 

After the glistening dust settled, I looked around.

My glass cage was no longer my captor.

The shattered pieces of glass covering the ground began to vibrate.

I watched as the clear pieces of shrapnel were transformed into beautiful jewels.

These treasures became the handle in the hilt of my sword.

A sword that my Father fashioned for me with His own hands.

My captors were defeated.

Rendered powerless.

And I was free.

I realize that many pray for years for their healing.  I do not know why the Lord chose to grant me such grace.  I didn’t even know I was so bound up.  Gratefulness continues to fill my heart as I emerge from the dust and continue to allow the Father’s love to do its work.